I dropped 30 pounds laughing and learning from Audrey over a year ago, and have kept it off!
  • I had the pleasure to receive nutritional advice from Audrey on multiple occasions and found her to be incredibly insightful, thoughtful, and understanding. Audrey truly listens to clients and easily assesses gaps in current dietary intake and helps us make small tweaks with incredible impact. These changes come with the understanding that change can be challenging at times. Her approach is fact-based, peppered with not only extensive knowledge, but also humor. Audrey can easily simplify otherwise complex ideas and make them something that can be digested and applied in daily life. The principles and lifestyle dietary changes she assisted me with, especially as I travel a lot for work, have greatly improved my energy level, focus, and overall health. It is easy to recommend seeing Audrey for any and all dietary/life changing needs. She will improve your life!

    Jennifer Morgan
  • Audrey taught me how to live in a healthier way. Beyond being funny—we really do laugh a lot!—she is incredibly well-versed in the science and mechanics of nutrition, which means she is able to make it work, no matter who you are. I dropped 30 pounds laughing and learning from Audrey over a year ago, and have kept it off! Even better, my lifestyle change she helped me create resulted in reversing my pre-diabetes diagnoses!

    Tifanee Minnieweather
  • Audrey is highly knowledgeable about what foods we should eat to nourish our planet and ourselves. I learned so much while working with her. Plus, she is generous in sharing all kinds of resources and recipes to help you make better food choices. Even better, she makes the process a lot of fun!

    Nancy Gerber
  • Audrey worked with my son who was very obese. After just over a year, he had lost a significant amount of weight and has kept it off ever since. Although he would never share with me what they did together—other than to say that she helped him make better choices—whatever she did works and I am very pleased with his improved health and appearance.

    Edith Novack
  • I came to Audrey weary from the pain of rheumatoid arthritis. Although I had tried several medications prescribed by my doctor, I wasn’t feeling any better. With kindness, patience, and her priceless sense of humor, Audrey provided the information and guidance I needed to change my eating habits and feel good again!

    I will be forever grateful and look forward to even better health!

    Theresa O'Brien
  • I had an amazing experience working with Audrey for nutritional counseling during my pregnancy. She helped me manage my nutrition and weight gain during the pregnancy, and worked with me through the postpartum period to ensure good nutrition while losing the baby weight. I appreciated her non-judgmental support, interesting recipes, and food ideas, and especially the tools and methods she taught me for rethinking and reworking my relationship with food. I highly recommend Audrey to anyone, pregnant or otherwise, who is trying to lose weight or improve their nutrition.

    Ariana Bullard

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