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For a lot of people, learning healthy eating strategies isn’t necessarily easy. As if surviving the information bombardment of media hype, celebrity diets, and yes— even your Facebook feed— wasn’t challenging enough, what works sustainably for one person may not necessarily lead to the most appropriate choices for another. Similarly, what worked when you were 20 may not meet the nutritional needs of your 40-year-old self, either. What’s a well-intentioned person to do? 

One-on-one counseling is often the most effective way to identify the right nutrition goals to help you attain optimal health. Personal counseling sessions offer a more dynamic, participatory approach to building your health and nutrition knowledge and have all your questions answered by an authoritative, accredited source, backed up by the latest credible science. 

Whether you’re a newly pregnant mom-to-be, someone recently diagnosed with diabetes, or if you’re looking to lose a few pounds, one-on-one counseling can help shape your understanding of and relationship to food, so that you can meet the ever-changing needs of your body, for long-lasting health and wellness.

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