Nutrigenomics Testing

Private Counseling Includes:

• Testing is non-invasive
• One-time test; DNA never changes
• Provides insight into genetic make-up beyond family history
• Allows you to focus on your specific nutritional needs and be proactive about your health

Price: $398.00

Eat According to Your Genes

This comprehensive genetic test is the ultimate in personalized nutrition. You will receive a customized nutrition and lifestyle recommendations based on your DNA, using the cutting-edge research on nutrigenomics.

With a quick, non-invasive saliva sample, this test will analyze a panel of 45 genetic markers that influence nutrient metabolism, body composition, detoxification pathways, heart health, food intolerances, and eating habits. It also includes a one hour consultation with me to review your results. The test kit is mailed directly to you!

Nutrigenomics is the study of food and its bioactive substances on gene expression. The main goal of nutrigenomics is to prevent, mitigate, or cure chronic disease. Factors that affect our gene expression include diet, physical activity, toxins, and stress. Genetic differences can affect how we respond to the foods we eat, giving us each our own specific nutritional needs.


Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) are the most common form of genetic variation in humans. One SNP represents a slight difference in the genetic code of a stretch of DNA—a deletion or insertion of a particular molecule. Of the 10-12 million SNPs identified, most have no medical significance. Some, however, can decrease the way that proteins (enzymes, transporters, receptors, hormones, etc.) function and interact with nutrients and non-nutrient bioactive substances to influence our nutritional status.

Think of it this way: Food is information that our genes use to express our health. In as little as three months, we can alter this information to “reprogram” our gene expression and realize an entirely new state of health.

*This test only assesses genes that have SNPs or insertion/deletion variants.




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